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legs kiejtés itt angol

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Példák filmekből az alábbi szóra Legs

If my legs were longer I'd have caught you by now. C'mere.
Garfield - Odie Saves Garfield
All righty! Who needs to stretch their legs?
Minions - One Evil Family
Nothing at all, thank you. My legs are just fine and dandy.
Forrest Gump - Peas and Carrots
Slow, yes, retarded, maybe, braces on his legs.
Tropic Thunder - Never Go Full Retard
You know, I just got some pins in my legs.
Bridesmaids - The Engagement Party
Believe it or not, pins in my legs, I can still do this. Right?
Bridesmaids - The Engagement Party
- I'll drink to your leg. - Okay, so we drink to our legs.
Jaws - Scars
I didn't blame anyone for the loss of my legs.
The Big Lebowski - I'm the Dude
Spread your legs. Put your hands in the back. Thumbs up. Freeze!
The Silence of the Lambs - Buffalo Bill
Oh dear, I think my legs have fallen asleep I should probably come down.
Sherlock Holmes - Far Too Fond of Himself Scene
You didn't threaten to break his legs and then crush him into powder?
The Pink Panther - Big Brass Balls
Now, maybe you're so used to having your legs in the air you don't realize it...
Duplicity - All the Way In
shave her legs in the tub.
Red 2 - Kill Him
Their hips, their legs, their belly buttons. I mean, it's all good.
Kissing Jessica Stein - Lesbian Sex
I laughed at a man with no pants until I realised I have no legs.
Passengers - Partner Mode
under one of the table legs
Red Lights - Lecture

Az alábbi szó anyanyelvi kiejtése Legs

Amerikai kiejtés

Legs kiejtés alábbi módon Ivy (gyerek, lány)
Legs kiejtés alábbi módon Joanna (női)
Legs kiejtés alábbi módon Kendra (női)
Legs kiejtés alábbi módon Kimberly (női)
Legs kiejtés alábbi módon Salli (női)
Legs kiejtés alábbi módon Joey (hím )
Legs kiejtés alábbi módon Justin (gyerek, fiú)
Legs kiejtés alábbi módon Matthew (hím )

Brit angol kiejtés

Legs kiejtés alábbi módon Amy (női)
Legs kiejtés alábbi módon Emma (női)
Legs kiejtés alábbi módon Brian (hím )