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master kiejtés itt angol

  • fő-
  • úr
  • gazda
  • főnök
  • fiatalúr
  • uralkodik
  • legyőz
  • leküzd

Példák filmekből

Their new master had a tendency to party all night and sleep all day.
Minions Many Evil Bosses
They bounce from one evil master to another.
Minions Many Evil Bosses
That was the master's favorite toy.
Scary Movie 2 - The Caretaker
that every single event is all part of some master plan
Serendipity - Life's Master Plan
No relight after 30 seconds, engine master one and two, confirm off.
Sully - Brace for Impact
Do I upset the master and the mistress?
12 Years A Slave - Let Me Weep
I will offer up my talents to Master Ford!
12 Years A Slave - Let Me Weep
basically turn the entire upstairs into a secondary master suite
Failure to Launch - Tripp Exposes the Plan
We're not all evil, you know, that's your master would have you believe.
Seventh Son - Sparks in the Moonlight
My quote-unquote master's fake snow is the perfect medium for carrying...
Cats & Dogs - Bad Talking Cat
one goes to Ann Clark and the master goes to 510 for filing, got it?
The Perfect Score - Copy It
We offer ourselves to you, for You are the Master.
Southbound - Mystery Meat Dinner
But I worship you, master. I love you so much.
Absolutely Anything - Biscuits
so I stole Sam and I gave him to me master.
The Witch - Witch of the Wood
But I worship you, master. I love you so much.
Absolutely Anything - Biscuits
...and Guardian ad Litem to Master Richie.
Richie Rich - Richie Runs Things