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Mallory Knox – Dare You testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

Dare You - Mallory Knox

parole da studiare

I had always pictured a future by your side

But now we feel like strangers & I have lost all

I’ve known

I’m trying to think I'm trying to move on but I

can’t with the state I'm in

Oh is there a future is there a time when you &

I will be alright?

Catch my eye in the mirror

She's the only that haunts me

Stare intense like you with her

Stay inside through this winter

She’s the only on that haunts me

Scream inside keep your heart on fire or it’ll

wither, it’ll wither

What am I supposed to say when I’ve chewed

you up & spat you out like a bad taste

And my heart’s a shade of grey that’s getting

darker by the day

You wait & wait for things to change but when

will time become too late