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Mallory Knox – Heart & Desire testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

Heart & Desire - Mallory Knox

parole da studiare

The path we take is paved with mistakes, bad moves & promises made

That we left inside the darkness through our brightest days

As we walk along we will find ourselves in a field from the love we made

But the walls we built around it will crumble & fall away

These bright lights, big dreams they always meant the whole damn world to me

I’m just sorry that you can’t be here to watch this with me

So give em heart, give em desire

Show the world your best & in time you will inspire

Don’t slow down now it’s over

With all your heart & all your fire

You gave me hope when times were hard & called me lover

Don’t slow down now it’s over

Oh why won’t you tell me it’s over?

If I could light up the world for you I’d show you the things you’d always dreamed

About trust & time & heart & love & honesty