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Mallory Knox – The Remedy testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

The Remedy - Mallory Knox

parole da studiare

Can you feel it on the top of your lungs?

Can you feel it crawling under your skin?

And itching at the back of your throat waiting

for our love to begin?

Temptation is a terrible thing when I'm trying to

keep you out of my mouth

Lying always made me give in

I’m filling all our hopes up with doubt

Tried to let the love in

Bottled up her breathing

Never had a chance to come home

I don’t wanna stay here living deep in my fear

Watching all our bridges burn slow

You can always throw my bones in the river

You can cast my body to see

Or you can take your time undiscovered so

they’re never ever gonna find me

And I swear I didn’t mean to break your heart

my love

But these feelings went & dragged me down

I didn’t mean to rip your heart apart

Oh the only way is down

The nights so long control is all gone