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Pronuncia di film in Inglese

  • film
  • pellicola
  • velo
  • membrana
  • patina
  • filmare

Esempi da film

I'm a producer. I did the film Get Leo. Do you remember that?
Be Cool - The Raised Eyebrow Look
Film a car speeding down a road.
Lucy - Time is the Answer
I will be shooting short bits of film from various angles.
Hitchcock - Only Suggesting Nudity
that could've won the Oscar for Best Short Film.
Steve Jobs - Fix the Voice Demo
It will be a film, though, sweetheart, because it's about me, isn't it?
Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie - Stem Cells
premiered at the Big Sky Film Festival.
Tilt - Uncomfortable Interview
Anyway, so that film was about international pinball tournaments.
Tilt - Uncomfortable Interview