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Pronuncia di money in Inglese

i soldi
  • soldi
  • denaro
  • moneta
  • fondi
  • soldo
  • quattrini
  • valuta
  • mezzi
  • ricchezza
  • importi
  • grana

Esempi dai film con Money

We're raising money for Monster High's fearleading team.
Robot Chicken - Monster High Vs. Cryptkeeper
Oh,<font color="#ff0000"> </font>it'd be a bloody shame if us ghouls couldn't raise enough money!
Robot Chicken - Monster High Vs. Cryptkeeper
She was supposed to get the shorty Tyco with your money.
Trainwreck - I Scored on LeBron James
Then she went to the doctor, got lipo with your money.
Trainwreck - I Scored on LeBron James
Ah, yeah. You're right on the money there, Aron.
127 Hours - Radio Show Breakdown
If she don't have the money to pay him...
From Hell - Paying the Ferryman
A house. We got cars. We got money.
Rocky III - I'm Afraid
Not for money or me. But for you.
Rocky III - I'm Afraid
I've got another six hours to pay the money back.
Twins - Not Identical Twins
Well, money talks, and bullshit walks.
Twins - Not Identical Twins
Pay him money, all right? They let me out.
Twins - Not Identical Twins
to take her money, next time bring a pistol.
Casino - Lester Diamond
by the only kind of guys that can actually get you that kind of money,
Casino - A Hell of a Handicapper
while you're out earning all this money?
Revolutionary Road - Paris!
And we make a lot of money if we get it right.
Margin Call - It's Just Money
Hard to believe after all these years, but I... I need the money.
Margin Call - It's Just Money
that they're a waste of money.
The Break-Up - I'm Done!
so I can make enough money to support both of us
The Break-Up - I'm Done!
Giving out money wouldn't do nothing. Look at hammer.
Barbershop - Reparations
Your brothers ain't letting no money get by.
Barbershop - Reparations
Next, you'll get talk about how Jews got money...
Barbershop - Reparations
Jews didn't get money, the holocaust survivors got the money.
Barbershop - Reparations

Pronuncia audio di Money

Pronuncia americana

Money pronunciato da Ivy (bambino, ragazza)
Money pronunciato da Joanna (donna)
Money pronunciato da Kendra (donna)
Money pronunciato da Kimberly (donna)
Money pronunciato da Salli (donna)
Money pronunciato da Joey (uomo)
Money pronunciato da Justin (bambino, ragazzo)
Money pronunciato da Matthew (uomo)

Pronuncia britannica

Money pronunciato da Amy (donna)
Money pronunciato da Emma (donna)
Money pronunciato da Brian (uomo)