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Pronuncia di stuck in Inglese

  • incollato
  • bloccato
  • nei guai

Esempi da film

Serves me right if I get stuck with that one.
Charade - Whatever Your Name Is
Who asked you to get stuck with any of them?
Charade - Whatever Your Name Is
I stuck that lovin' forty-four Beneath my head
Walk the Line - Cocaine Blues
You're right. We could be stuck here for hours.
The Truman Show - Being Spontaneous
...and stuck it in even an ordinary savings account...
Dave - Balancing the Budget
He's stuck, that's what it is. He's in between worlds.
Ghost - Oda Mae Demands Respect
I heard that you stuck a finger in the dean's...
Vacation - Debbie Do Anything
She's always getting stuck with people who don't hold up their end.
Kate & Leopold - Who Are You?
...when I'm stuck in this shithole, you're at home...
Hollow Man - This is a Gift
Yeah, like, like, like... What if it gets stuck or something?
Barnyard - Daisy Gives Birth
What? You mean like stuck halfway, so, so she'd be a cow and a half?
Barnyard - Daisy Gives Birth
you've got refrigerator magnets stuck to your brace again.
The House Bunny - T and A
We're stuck in space now forever.
Zathura - Wishing Star
<i>And they're some real stuck-up fuckers.</i>
Us and Them - Danny's Plan
<i>That's my reward for not getting stuck in.</i>
Us and Them - Danny's Plan
But I am Puss, stuck here inside this hideous body.
Shrek the Third - Princess Prisoners
But she left me stuck Stranded on a duck
Flushed Away - Ice Cold Rita