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Como se pronúncia stuck

  • emperrado

Exemplos de filmes com Stuck

Serves me right if I get stuck with that one.
Charade - Whatever Your Name Is
Who asked you to get stuck with any of them?
Charade - Whatever Your Name Is
I stuck that lovin' forty-four Beneath my head
Walk the Line - Cocaine Blues
You're right. We could be stuck here for hours.
The Truman Show - Being Spontaneous
...and stuck it in even an ordinary savings account...
Dave - Balancing the Budget
He's stuck, that's what it is. He's in between worlds.
Ghost - Oda Mae Demands Respect
I heard that you stuck a finger in the dean's...
Vacation - Debbie Do Anything
She's always getting stuck with people who don't hold up their end.
Kate & Leopold - Who Are You?
...when I'm stuck in this shithole, you're at home...
Hollow Man - This is a Gift
Yeah, like, like, like... What if it gets stuck or something?
Barnyard - Daisy Gives Birth
What? You mean like stuck halfway, so, so she'd be a cow and a half?
Barnyard - Daisy Gives Birth
you've got refrigerator magnets stuck to your brace again.
The House Bunny - T and A
We're stuck in space now forever.
Zathura - Wishing Star
<i>And they're some real stuck-up fuckers.</i>
Us and Them - Danny's Plan
<i>That's my reward for not getting stuck in.</i>
Us and Them - Danny's Plan
But I am Puss, stuck here inside this hideous body.
Shrek the Third - Princess Prisoners
But she left me stuck Stranded on a duck
Flushed Away - Ice Cold Rita

Pronúncia de áudio de Stuck

Pronúncia americana

Stuck pronunciado por Ivy (criança, garota)
Stuck pronunciado por Joanna (feminino)
Stuck pronunciado por Kendra (feminino)
Stuck pronunciado por Kimberly (feminino)
Stuck pronunciado por Salli (feminino)
Stuck pronunciado por Joey (masculino)
Stuck pronunciado por Justin (criança, garoto)
Stuck pronunciado por Matthew (masculino)

Pronúncia britânica

Stuck pronunciado por Amy (feminino)
Stuck pronunciado por Emma (feminino)
Stuck pronunciado por Brian (masculino)