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Hollywood Undead – Heart Of A Champion tekst i tłumaczenie (po kliknięciu) piosenki

Heart Of A Champion - Hollywood Undead

słowa do nauczenia się

Mic check, yo, man, fuck you

I got some coke in my sock and a couple rocks too

I got a bottle full of Kettle, drunk, pedal to the metal

Got some beef, I gotta settle, but you gotta check the dentals, oh

They don't like me? I make the music I want to

These divas fucking need us, man, worse than their heartbeat

They're digging up my grave, but these bitches gotta pay

And the price of admission, it ain't ever gonna change

It'll end when I say it 'cause you're wet when I spray it

And the more you fucking hate us, well, the more you'll fucking play it, bitch

I'm crossing out names

And no one is safe

I'll leave a rose on your grave

It's the dove and grenade

I'm absent mentally, slaughtering all my enemies

I'm murdering recklessly, bitch, these streets ain't no Sesame

And now you're maxing my felony list, I'm not wasting energy on this

I'm gonna win, let's be honest, that's something I'll fucking promise