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Hollywood Undead – Something To Believe tekst i tłumaczenie (po kliknięciu) piosenki

Something To Believe - Hollywood Undead

słowa do nauczenia się

[Johnny 3 Tears]

Life can be so hard to take

Sometimes it seems the only safe

Way to get through the day

Wait 'till it goes away

Dreams can be so hard to fake

A lying smile, beautiful face

So I'm telling you to wait

No, this is not your fate

These broken hearts

And broken dreams

And broken lives

And broken spines

Broken hearts and borrow time

Like broken records, we keep trying

What I wouldn't give to see

That broken child inside of me

Telling me it's gonna be alright

The world is worth the fight

The light will find us

Even if it blinds us

Our time defines us

Nothing can divide us

If we sing, if we sing

If we sing, if we sing...


Give me something to believe in

Do you suffer just the same?

Just give me something to believe in

As the world walks away

Is it too much to take?

Is it too much to say?