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Motörhead – Dr. Love tekst i tłumaczenie (po kliknięciu) piosenki

Dr. Love - Motörhead

słowa do nauczenia się

Working the room with her cat clothes on,

Messing up my mind

Mouth just made for kissing

Says a good man's hard to find,

I'm just hangin' standin' there,

Can't believe my eyes,

She looks so fine and she smiles so kind,

Make a strong man cry.

She does me in, and she'll do you too.

She only got to shake it,

And I'm shaking in my shoes


You know she's a natural woman

You know she likes that fine

You know she's a total killer,

And she ain't even trying

I want her so bad I get shivers

If I can't see her enough

She asked me my name, I said "Honey,

My name is Doctor Love"

Sat down by me and I told her

She's like to drive me blind

She smiled like a hungry tiger