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Angielska wymowa słowa count

  • liczyć
  • hrabia
  • liczenie
  • rachunek
  • obliczenie
  • poczet
  • wyliczenie
  • graf
  • numer
  • rachuba
  • obrachowanie
  • obrachunek
  • przestępstwo
  • polegać
  • policzyć
  • porachować
  • zliczać
  • liczyć się
  • odliczać
  • przeliczyć
  • rachować
  • obliczać
  • naliczyć
  • wyliczać
  • znaczyć
  • obrachować
  • oglądać się
  • brać kogoś pod uwagę

Przykłady z filmów

Thanks, Mr. Poopybutthole. I always could count on you.
Uncle Steve | Rick and Morty
Finally at the end, you count how many score-downs it adds up to and divide by nine.
Fantastic Mr. Fox - Whack-Bat
Wow, looks like your date's out for the count.
Despicable Me 2 - Worst Date Ever
I'm gonna count to 10 and you're gonna hand over all the cash,
House of 1000 Corpses - I Hate Clowns
the holy of holies - the count room.
Casino - The Count Room
Now, notice how in the count room nobody ever seems to see anything.
Casino - The Count Room
I feel bad for people who count calories. It's no way to live.
Shallow Hal - Lunch With Rosemary
Count toothpicks, cheat at cards. Autistic, sure. Not retarded.
Tropic Thunder - Never Go Full Retard
- You can count me in. - Really?
Kicking & Screaming - Ditka
I need to know why the hell you are living in sin with an evil count!
The Legend of Zorro - A Definite Maybe
...so if there was a body count we couldn't verify it.
Drone - The Talk
Buddy takes a five-alligator count and follows her inside.
Baby Driver - A Score for a Score
"Oh, I'd find you. With my money, you could count on it."
The Whole Truth - Hey Mike