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Angielska wymowa słowa mad

  • szalony
  • wściekły
  • obłąkany
  • oszalały
  • szaleńczy
  • zwariowany
  • pomylony
  • obłąkańczy
  • wariacki
  • furiacki

Przykłady z filmów

And he gets mad at me for making him wait?
Drive Me Crazy - The In Crowd
and I'd work like mad all day long...
Capote - Charming the Deweys
Then we tried to spread those rumors about the Mad Cow Disease...
The Dukes of Hazzard - Daisy Duke and Enos
I've got a witch mad at me and you might get into trouble
The Wizard of Oz - If I Only Had a Brain
And then she got, like, super mad and yelled and denied it.
The Descendants - Mom Was Cheating on You
And I'm not the one who's gonna get mad cow disease and go nuts,
Uptown Girls - You're Workin' For Me!
Get yourself hard, 'cause I'm gonna suck your dick like I'm mad at It.
Bad Teacher - You Never Loved Me
I couldn't even look at Jess and Casey, they made me so mad.
The DUFF - Unfriended
Don't be mad at me, okay? Please.
Krisha - Catch Up
Are you as mad at me as Mom 'cause of what happened?
Spanglish - Good Guy, Bad Guy
Now, Ryan, honey, don't be mad, but with so much on the line,
Girls Trip - Inappropriate White Friend
Please don't be mad at me.
Zootopia - Popsicle