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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música Dat Gangsta Shit - Fat Joe

Dat Gangsta Shit - Fat Joe

Letras de músicas
palavras para memorizar

Yeah uhh dat gangsta shit

Uhh yeah dat gangsta shit

Uhh dat gangsta shit

What you love huh? dat gangsta shit

What you want huh? dat gangsta shit

Now what we live huh? dat gangsta shit

Yeah uhh uhh

Recognize my presence this rap game specialized with legends

I drop shit niggaz try to memorize in seconds

You criticize me still visualize the lessons

And when i wish to put aside the questions

Before they find out, who's the realest

Who done spoke without one joke about the illest

Shit that ever happened, in this rappin beyond rappin

Joe the god it ain't so hard to start clappin

But i lay low, create flows, for the pesos

Now we got extra hoes, wantin to chase shows

I take foes, and break em down to minerals

We went from street corner thugs to white collar criminals

Individuals, with no peace on the quest

The iced out, piece on my chest, from the east to the west

Never sleep in a sweat, keep the heat with the vest

Ready for the 'casian blazin gettin deep with the best

The police wanna test my strategy, got half of the world

Mad at me, but very few challenge me

Perhaps you will be the first to approach this, lyrical dope shit