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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música Flow Joe - Fat Joe

Flow Joe - Fat Joe

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Chorus: repeat 2X

You gotta flow Joe, you gotta flow Joe

You gotta gotta gotta gotta let em know Joe

[Fat Joe]

Bust it, check it, watch how I wreck it

Niggaz watch your back, shit is gettin hectic

I catch vibes like Count Basie, sucker won't face me

I'm so much flavor you can taste me

I'm underground like a gutter

You never catch me - stutter, everybody knows that I'm butter

I'm not the man with sensitivity

The name is Fat Joe, the label's Relativity, huh

I chop a rapper like a meat cleaver

I'm burnin hot, people think I have a fever, check it

If niggaz wanna front, then come widdit

If you're havin second thoughts, well then forget it, see

I dig in my crates, I don't per-pa-trates

I got shit sewn, like Billy Bathgate

Beware like Cocoa, yo I'm not a slow boat

Got so much dough I va-cate in Acapulco

Crazy as they come I'm not the one, we can do this

with the hands, or take it to the guns..

You know I can flow, the name is Fat Joe

I can flow, I can flow, I can flow


[Fat Joe]

Yeah, yeah

Everybody knows Fat Joe's in town

Nuff respect for the Boogie Down

I'm livin in the Bronx on an Ave called Trinity

My name rings bells, within the vicinity

Peace to the money makers always plottin mono