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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música Misery Needs Company - Fat Joe

Misery Needs Company - Fat Joe

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[Fat Joe]

Yo, yo, one's for the cash, two's for my facilty

three's for all the M-3's

Racin across the Tapenze

?Matchin C's? followed by the white Lincoln

drivin like I ain't thinkin

Wit my hats and lights blinkin, let the lah sink in

On the way to home BASE,

first clown in my face is gettin thrown out the place

We rush shit, untouchable Don shit, that's nothin new

Sets with stone arms just to muscle you, enough of you

That had a bad case of Joe, some even had to go

Gangsta walk and nines, at times I be the last to know

We laugh and joke, while we bag in the coke

My A done make the worst things out the cast of Different Strokes

I'm addicted to street life, although it doesn't seem right

Many criticize but yo we all go to eat right?

And who's to say that I'm to blame(blame)

we only pawns in this game(game)

Decision: grow cocaine

I don't want no cure for this, you switch, I pour the Cris

And just, stay rich, and reminisce, while I count my chips



Yo you scared to death, misery need company

Crab slackers, niggas actin like they mad rappers

Even wit a record deal, our guns still peal

Break a piece of your brain, wipe the stain

Throw the Range off, police-iano

Watch for hondo, they lookin at our poster now, playin us closer now