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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música My World - Fat Joe

My World - Fat Joe

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Yeah, Yeah

Yeah, Yeah

Uh, Lotta money in here

Uh, Terror Squad

Now and forever

Top of the world, Tun

Yeah, uh

Yeah, uh

They call me Joey Crack my name'll never be forgotten

livin' in the NY city thats rotten

niggas on the block still screamin' and plottin'

Wonderin' if my squad gon stop bubblin'

But we not cuz we all still shinin'

You average, We floss four karat diamonds

Layin' up in the plushes suite

Wit the thuggish freaks

She love to eat plus bust the heat

We touch the streets wit the same principles

Everyday gotta get this cash know it makes sense to you

Joe Crack one in a million

Get cash from drug deals

But still keep the weapons concealed

build wit the gods

todays madd fast cars

who copped what and got shot comin' out the bar

My repitore is far beyond belief

Y'all ain't much to me

Honestly you can't fuck wit me

(Chorus)-Big Pun

It's my life, my money, my world

My girls, TS electrify the sky like the 3rd rail

Want us to fail cuz you on our dick

But as long as every song is rich you can't tell me shit