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Como se pronúncia bloody

  • sangrento
  • ensanguentar
  • manchar de sangue
  • ensanguentado
  • sanguinário
  • cruel

Exemplos de filmes

Oh,<font color="#ff0000"> </font>it'd be a bloody shame if us ghouls couldn't raise enough money!
Robot Chicken - Monster High Vs. Cryptkeeper
Her uncle is the bloody King of France.
Robin Hood - Queen in the Making
- No, I don't. - Yes, you bloody well do.
Billy Elliot - Not for Lads
You have gotta blow up the whole bloody building.
The Beaver - I'm the Beaver
Nancy, I am so bloody glad you pretended to be my date today,
Man Up - F*** the Past
But now I'm here. It's bloody interesting.
Ocean's 8 - Framing the Ex