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Como se pronúncia copy

  • cópia de
  • cópia
  • exemplar
  • reprodução
  • documento
  • impresso
  • número
  • duplicata
  • copiar
  • reproduzir
  • imitar
  • transcrever

Exemplos de filmes

And I go ahead make sure you get another copy of that memo, okay?
Office Space - Did You Get the Memo?
to buy my copy of the biggest virtual-reality game in history.
Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over - Private Detective Juni
And I checked this week. You don't even have a copy.
Serendipity - The Groom's Gift
has the equivalent value of one ad page of our hard copy.
In Good Company - Synchronize and Synergize
and attach it to the newly formatted copy of the power of appointment.
Changing Lanes - Living on the Edge
Station to Soyuz, do you copy?
Life - No Rescue
Station to Soyuz, do you copy?
Life - No Rescue
undoable for pickup. Stand by to copy rendezvous point.
Behind Enemy Lines - New Extraction Point
Did you bring the copy of the information?
Crimson Peak - Already Married
I wondered if you'd autograph my copy
The Words - How Does It Feel?
this is a copy of Rocky's birth certificate,
Mask - School Registration