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Como se pronúncia flowers

  • flores
  • flor
  • nata
  • elite
  • ornamento
  • escol
  • menstruação
  • fina-flor
  • florescer
  • florir
  • florear
  • cobrir de flores

Exemplos de filmes

and when I saw those tacky ten-dollar flowers from dickless little Steve,
Nurse 3-D - Sexual Obsession
I'm sorry. The flowers are beautiful.
Nurse 3-D - Sexual Obsession
And your blue flowers tell me that you support the Purge.
The Purge - Please Just Let Us Purge
Yeah, I think I'm gonna get Brooke some flowers.
The Break-Up - I'm Done!
You said on our very first date that you don't like flowers,
The Break-Up - I'm Done!
Every girl likes flowers, Gary.
The Break-Up - I'm Done!
You said that you don't like flowers.
The Break-Up - I'm Done!
I'm supposed to take that to mean that you do like flowers?
The Break-Up - I'm Done!
It's not about the flowers. It's not about the dishes.
The Break-Up - I'm Done!
Brocker or Brower or Flowers, whatever his name is.
Stand by Me - The Body
I could while away the hours conferrin' with the flowers
The Wizard of Oz - If I Only Had a Brain
I've imagined the dress and the flowers
Serendipity - The Groom's Gift
Either you bring them flowers...
Duplicity - All the Way In
I thought she was meant to get some fresh flowers.
Christine - Jealousy
Someone get some fresh flowers!
Christine - Jealousy
I dream that flowers will bloom in the streets of Kabul again,
The Kite Runner - Hassan's Letter
Send a car for my wife and flowers.
Unlocked - Go Order
And by flowers, I mean whatever it takes to keep me off the couch tonight.
Unlocked - Go Order
I'm going to say "Good morning" to my flowers in Thornton Square every day.
Gaslight - Bloodthirsty Bessie