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Как произносится слово case

  • дело
  • случай
  • чехол
  • корпус
  • футляр
  • сумка
  • кожух
  • ящик
  • падеж
  • коробка
  • чемодан
  • доводы
  • крышка
  • прецедент
  • контейнер
  • обстоятельство
  • судебное дело
  • положение
  • больной
  • казус
  • история болезни
  • доказательства
  • витрина
  • гильза
  • заболевание
  • кассета
  • пациент
  • ларец
  • судебная практика
  • регистр клавиатуры
  • покрышка
  • остов
  • чудак
  • покрышка шины
  • станина
  • раненый
  • наружная покрышка
  • случай в судебной практике
  • оператор выбора
  • застекленный стенд
  • наборная касса
  • факты
  • покрывать
  • упаковывать в ящик
  • класть в ящик
  • вставлять в оправу
  • обшивать

Примеры из фильмов

There's a, uh, special on the Syrah by the case.
Sideways - Miles Makes a Scene
Now, in case you're wondering why that hurt so much,
Bulletproof - I'm Your God
I figured you'd make a case for how slavery got y'all oppressed and...
Barbershop - Reparations
I got him this huge case of notebooks. He used every one.
Proof - Glad He's Dead
- Someone should lick it. Just in case. - I'll do it.
Ice Age - Where's the Baby?
And while you're sitting pretty with a case of Andorian shingles,
Star Trek - Kirk Meets Bones
Of course, but you've no reason to think he's bungled the case?
Chinatown - A Respectable Man
You know what? She needs an extra Onesie in case she craps herself.
Neighbors - Baby's First Rave
Come on, buddy. Case Western High!
Groundhog Day - Ned Ryerson!
- Hello. - In case you didn't see it, I executed him.
Body of Lies - You Milked Him
plus a case of champagne to go with your leftover turkey.
Scent of a Woman - Gray Ghosts
With a pre-nup and proof of adultery ? What's your case ?
Liar Liar - I Can't Lie!
Good morning. Call case number BD-09395.
Liar Liar - I Can't Lie!
This case has already been delayed several times, Mr. Reede.
Liar Liar - I Can't Lie!
ls there any chance of a settlement in this case ?
Liar Liar - I Can't Lie!
Well, ma'am, it doesn't seem so in this case, now, does it?
Top Gun - I Was Inverted
In case some of you wonder who the best is,
Top Gun - Arrogant Pilot
Mr. Collins' sexual orientation has nothing to do with this case.
Philadelphia - A Case About Homosexuality
So let's talk about what this case is really all about.
Philadelphia - A Case About Homosexuality
No, in that case, there were actually a few times that I...
Adventureland - You're a Virgin?
And, in our case, the defendant was an habitual sperm donor,
Legally Blonde - Impressing Professor Callahan