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Как произносится слово devil

  • дьявол
  • черт
  • бес
  • сатана
  • парень
  • настоящий дьявол
  • человек
  • напористый человек
  • мальчик на побегушках
  • энергичный человек
  • сумчатый дьявол
  • сумчатый волк
  • коварный человек
  • страшный человек
  • дьявольская штука
  • трудное дело
  • ученик в типографии
  • волк-машина
  • надоедать
  • дразнить
  • готовить острое мясное блюдо
  • готовить острое рыбное блюдо
  • работать

Примеры из фильмов

- In English, please. - Devil's pitchfork.
The Da Vinci Code - Symbols
The devil has released them for the final battle.
Frailty - A Vision From God
If alchemists believed that the number of the devil was 741...
As Above, So Below - The Catacombs
She's my sister, but I also think she might be the devil.
Nancy Drew - You're Awesome
Oh, dear. Oh, my devil. We're gonna have to report this.
Hotel Transylvania 2 - Learning to Fly
and may the Devil make soup of his bones. Amen.
Perfume - Excommunicated
Ay, and a bold one that dare look on that which might appal the devil.
Macbeth - Banquet
Devil, Poop, Thumbs Up. They just show up, and they're good to go.
The Emoji MovieScene - Intro to Textopolis
He's a good kid and a devil behind the wheel.
Baby Driver - Is He Slow?
-Where the devil did you get this? -From Libby.
What a Girl Wants - I'm Your Daughter
...you ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?
Batman - Dance With the Devil
They say he's third cousin to the Kaiser and second cousin to the devil.
The Great Gatsby - The Mysterious Mr. Gatsby
lt was like looking in the eyes of the devil.
I Spy - Pseudo-Double Agent