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Как произносится слово mistake

  • ошибка
  • заблуждение
  • недоразумение
  • заблуждаться
  • ошибаться
  • неправильно понимать
  • делать неправильный выбор
  • принимать что-л. за другое
  • принимать кого-л. за другого

Примеры из фильмов

- I should know your first name. - Forget I asked. It was a mistake.
L.A. Confidential - Better Than Veronica Lake
That was a big mistake, making me piss my pants like that, man.
Bulletproof - I'm Your God
I mean, God forbid they should make a mistake and forget to steal.
Casino - The Count Room
It's probably a mistake. It's a mistake.
Trainwreck - You Butt-Dialed Me
I'm telling it so that your father won't make the same mistake.
Harry and the Hendersons - There Are No Bigfeet!
So that means that when I make a mistake...
Office Space - Motivation Problems
They want to feed you, they want to cuddle you. But, make no mistake,
She's Out of My League - Time Off
You shot yourself in the face by mistake.
The Green Hornet - The Hornet Gun
Believe me, drinking too much two nights in a row could be a real mistake.
How Do You Know - Father's Rule On Drinking
My mother was an astronaut. She made a mistake.
The Space Between Us - Get Out
Your mistake is thinking you got a goddamn choice, boy.
Fast Five - You're Under Arrest
then that is called a mistake.
Touchback - Stop Talking