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Danity Kane - Ecstasy lyrics with translation (on click)

Ecstasy - Danity Kane

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[Rick Ross]

It started with a Monte Carlo

Then went and got a beamer

Her mom call me a D-boy

She said yes he is a dreamer

2 tickets to the matinee

Me and shorty way back in the day

Now she's into films

Our thing just starts to dim

DK in background (ahhhhh ahhh, etc.)

[Rick Ross talking]

You know when you dealing with a bad boy baby

I got to keep it trilla

Even if it hurt, you know

[Rick Ross]

I won't sing to you like Chris and Ne-Yo

But I'm fresher than a stick of deo

Take you to a place where the chef is Creole

Black bitch right next to Rio

Running out the house just to flip the

Dice in my pocket I'm with the c-lo

Pull up to the crib and I hit dawn

Beep beep

Rick Dinero (Boss)

And I quip the lado (what)

That's right let me flip the car doe

In the wind, might hit Chicago

She might pick the cargo (yea)

Let's skip Apollo

Carlos Brados (?)

My Picasso (what)

We ride or die (die)

She my little vato (?)



Can't hold it back

You know I'm so addicted to you

Cravings attack

Whenever I get closer to you

I'm in control

Whenever you're away

I just want you here with me boy


Let's take a ride

I'll show you all the avenues

Hop in my coupe

I only got a room for two

Let's just explore

My only destination is you

I'll tell you what I want to do


[Bridge - Dawn]

Can I take you to a place

Where we can go far away

Let's take a chance tonight

Follow me to:

[Chorus - DK]