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Danity Kane - One Shot lyrics with translation (on click)

One Shot - Danity Kane

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You all in my ear (I hear you talkin’ dirty)

You wanna get me alone

But you aint sayin’ nothin’ new to me (new to me)

Are you sure that you can handle me?

Uh, uh uh-oh

[Shannon (Dawn)]

So let me put on my boots

(Do you think that you can rock it?)

Turn it up, let it loose

Boy can you get with this minor tease (minor tease)

Before I bring it to you mentally

[Chorus- Group- Dawn Lead Vocals]

All I need is one shot

And baby you know

It’ll have you callin’ non-stop

Just can’t leave it alone

(If I give ya what ya need)

Do you really think you can handle me?

Oh, oh-oh

Boy do you think that you can handle me?

[Verse 2- Aubrey (Group)]

Ooh (I hope you’re ready)