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Danity Kane - Strip Tease lyrics with translation (on click)

Strip Tease - Danity Kane

words to study

[D. Woods & Aubrey]

Shoulders down

Leg Out

Bend Over

Lips Pout

Bat Eyes

Show thigh

Lift em Up

Don't Touch

[Verse 1 - Shannon]

I got a proposition if you want it

If you want it

Dare you to let me run some game on ya

Game on ya

Undress me with your eyes

Your in for a surprise

What's underneath my exteri-eri-eri-erior


You do your best to put your name on it

Name on it

But you could never put your claim on it

Claim on it

Create your fantasy

What you wanna be

Check the reflection in the mirror-irr-irr-or

[Pre-Chorus - Aundrea & Dawn]

I know you like it

The way I do it private

You cant denied it

Just wanna please you

Blow out you candle in my birthday suit


Just let me make your night

I'll do you like you like