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Danity Kane - Heartbreaker lyrics with translation (on click)

Heartbreaker - Danity Kane

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See me on the t.v.

Tryin to talk you sex

You got a load of me

And now you have that wet (so wet)

But you wish that i told you that you was next

I'll ring the bells

I'll make you sweat

You'll lose you breath

If you had a girl like me could you handle, all this lovin'

I could make you work for free, i ain't lyin (not lyin')

I'm a hazard to your health

So take caution, i swear

Your gettin takin over if you like it

I'm just tryin to warn you

I'm a heartbreaker

Even if i push up on ya

I'm a heartbreaker

Even if you get my number

I'm a heartbreaker

Don't even try to start

Cause i will break your heart

I'm a heartbreaker.

You buy them magazines

Just to read the words i say

You hangin where i hang

Just to get a glimpse of(me)

I bet you convinced im yours

But it aint quite what you think