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wearing nasıl okunur

  • giyme
  • yıpratıcı
  • giyilebilir
  • yorucu
  • bıktırıcı
  • usandırıcı

Filmlerden örnekler

And they mocked us when we started to wearing bubble-wrap jumpsuits.
Dude, Where's My Car? - Zoltan Meeting
Well, you're wearing a tuxedo. What do you think I mean?
I Love You, Man - Best Bond Impression
You're wearing a tuxedo. Think James Bond, all right?
I Love You, Man - Best Bond Impression
Hey, Luca. Is that a new chain you're wearing, fella?
Garfield - Odie Saves Garfield
Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Are you wearing a wig?
Despicable Me 2 - Worst Date Ever
- Hey, he's wearing one of those baby thingies. - So?
Ice Age - Where's the Baby?
Why aren't you wearing those pyjamas I got you?
Iron Man - The Jericho
Grown men wearing jerseys with another man's name on it.
Trainwreck - Sports? I Love Them
when, in fact, you're wearing a sweater that was selected for you
The Devil Wears Prada - Stuff
That's why any and every son of a bitch we find wearing a Nazi uniform,
Inglourious Basterds - One Hundred Nazi Scalps
I mean she was wearing a blue jacket, yellow corduroys
The Lovely Bones - Last Wednesday
And aren't you supposed to, you know, be wearing an earth-toned sweater
50/50 - Doogie Howser
I'm wearing clothes from last year,
Freedom Writers - I Am Home
Just started wearing these this past year.
Creed - You Got a Jawn?
...against that wristwatch you're wearing.
Lucky You - Pays to be Prudent
If I got a good idea, it shouldn't matter what the hell I'm wearing!
Head of State - Dress for the Job You Want
She's gonna have a whole Mexican family with little kids wearing sombreros,
My Man Is a Loser - The Fix
some of them girls hadn't ought to be wearing little shorty-shorts.
Delta Farce - Sgt. Kilgore
- I'm legally blind, also. - Oh, is that why you're wearing those...
Miss You Already - I'm Legally Blind Also
For wearing a skirt that's a couple of inches too short?
Hard Sell - Uncool
Double your dosage of the patch you've been wearing.
Hunter Gatherer - Lab Rat
Will I be the only person wearing four patches?
Hunter Gatherer - Lab Rat
but they will not accept any man wearing pants.
The Paperboy - I'm Your Mercy