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Англійська вимова слова prefer

вважають за краще
  • визнавати за краще
  • віддавати перевагу
  • підвищувати
  • подавати

Приклади з фільмів з Prefer

I prefer the weapon you only have to fire once.
Iron Man - The Jericho
No. I love black people. I prefer black people.
Trainwreck - Sports? I Love Them
and he would prefer it if I didn't expose myself to any training
Clueless - Physical Education
At least I don't prefer tofu to normal hamburgers.
Uptown Girls - You're Workin' For Me!
secrets that many of this realm would prefer to stay hidden.
The Spiderwick Chronicles - The Field Guide
which is probably why now I prefer "pee-pee" and "who-who."
All Over the Guy - Attraction
I'm all right. I prefer the rez school's exclusivity.
Twilight: New Moon - Happy Birthday
I prefer to think my office is out on the street.
Hot Fuzz - Good Luck Nicholas
I also prefer to eat my dessert first.
Brother Nature - All the Time
Would you prefer to talk to me in private?
Obsessed - Overdose
or does the Miami Herald prefer to chat in alleyways? - Fuck. What do we do?
The Front Runner - Too Much Time With an Unmarried Woman

Аудіо вимова Prefer

Американська вимова

Prefer вимовлено Ivy (дитина, дівчинка)
Prefer вимовлено Joanna (дівчина)
Prefer вимовлено Kendra (дівчина)
Prefer вимовлено Kimberly (дівчина)
Prefer вимовлено Salli (дівчина)
Prefer вимовлено Joey (чоловік)
Prefer вимовлено Justin (дитина, хлопчик)
Prefer вимовлено Matthew (чоловік)

Британська вимова

Prefer вимовлено Amy (дівчина)
Prefer вимовлено Emma (дівчина)
Prefer вимовлено Brian (чоловік)