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Hoodie Allen – Ain't Gotta Work testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

Ain't Gotta Work - Hoodie Allen

parole da studiare

I got Michael Clark Duncan on my speed dial

You ain't impressed girl? He from Green Mile

Buying things I couldn't afford, let my keep mine

Rich kids never payed for clothes, that's "free" style

Said I'll give you the world, said what you need kid

Siamese like where the fuck do I begin?

It's kind of funny, we all chasing the money tree

Son of a bitch, cause bitches want to have sons of me

Is it right girl? Is it sex trade?

White girls, push that white girl to get paid

And do you blame 'em when you meet someone who's famous

On the internet, for saying all the things that you've been saying

Man I do it for the principle, yeah you know that "holy" crap

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who hold me back

It's fictitious, I'm here with some big wishes

But I'm really not sick, please don't tell Kobe that

Here we come, on our way

We don't got no job today