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Hoodie Allen – High Again testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

High Again - Hoodie Allen

parole da studiare

All I want to do

Is sit and wait for you

Are you movin' ahead

Am I fallin' behind

Fuck it, probably either way, it's probably all in my mind

You got all that you want

I got nothin' but time

Honestly all we want is somebody to grind with

In a junior high prom, probably regrettin' my haircut

And the color of my tie, let's photoshop it and airbrush

As long as the girl with me is more fly than air miles

I'm a be a happy camper with nothin' to care about

Damn, well put, that's the way it goes

I know you say that you love him, but that was days ago

I moved to London and tried to find me a Daisy Lowe

I mean it can't be that hard to find a crazy hoe

She high up on the Macy floor, I'm flowin' in my fast car