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Hoodie Allen – No Faith In Brooklyn (feat. Jhameel) testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

No Faith In Brooklyn (feat. Jhameel) - Hoodie Allen

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Jhameel and Hoodie Allen:

We should take a walk someday

Dream about what we could've been

But I don't wanna leave this place

No faith in Brooklyn


If I move out one day

It will make me a better man

(What up Jhameel)

But I don't wanna leave this place

(It's hoodie)

No faith in Brooklyn

Hoodie Allen:

I said I'm so gone, oh my God, where's the menu?

Order me all your sushi for all them bitches at the venue

Stop, drop, roll, continue

Cause haters try to mingle, and I'm just tryin' to sing you a song

Tell ya that I'm leavin' but I won't be long

If it was up to me I'd see ya tomarr

But talk's cheap so I'm payin' up

New kicks be the only way I'm layin' up

So maybe I won't make it as an athlete

But that don't mean I'll let the competition pass me

I money ball, Billy Beane and some skinny jeans

And the whole damn team just some mini me's

Cause they ain't seen another kid like this

It's on your mind baby you should probably write this