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Hoodie Allen – No Interruption testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

No Interruption - Hoodie Allen

parole da studiare

Uh, All American.

First Team Bitch.


I gotta fake ID and a check list.

It goes never meet a girl on Craig’s List.

And never spend your money on a necklace.

3 square meals, homie gotta have breakfast.

Real shit, she be payin’ for the date.

I be on my Will Smith, Enemy of State.

Keep my friends close, keep my enemies away.

And if they all repellin’, uh, they so jealous.

Imma do shit that just piss them off

Say you never heard me it’s your loss.

They bitin’ on my freestyles.

They tell me make my money

Frontin’ on that weed style.

I tell ‘em I be too old for it

And I gave my brother my ID.

She independent but these bitches never find me.

I hope they don’t find him, though.

‘Cause they be knocking on my door

Now they looking through my window.

Tell me what you really want from me,

Point blank no discussion.

Close mouth, close mouth, ow.

I give it to you No Interruption.

And tell me one time that you want me.

I promise that I won’t say nothing.

Shi-shut it up, shi-shi-shut it up.

I’ll give it to ya, No Interruption.

In your home in your home oh.

On the phone, on the phone.

All alone, all alone, uh.

I’ll give it to ya, No Interruption.