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Lil Wayne – La La testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

La La - Lil Wayne

parole da studiare

(feat. Brisco, Busta Rhymes)

La, la la la, la, la la la la


[Lil Wayne]


Sittin in a Caddy, bright like Batty

Floatin up the aisle like the bride and her daddy

Hip-hop addict, hip-hop addict

Man I swear I'm on top like the attic

Yeah bitch, I be with my dog like Shaggy

And we stay clean but get dirty like Harry

Flyer than bluebirds, cardinals and canaries

Fuck me, I'm all about "Oui" like Paris

Hilton Presidential Suite already

I'm richer than Nicole and I'm a Lion like her Daddy

I'm am hotter than the Sunday after Saturday

I swear I'm a savage like Lil Webbie and Randy

Oscar De La Hoya, box you like a casket

Or Diego Coralles, nigga keep jabbin

See my style it varies, like drugs in an alley

My leather so soft my paint prettier than Halle

Wittier than comedy, nigga write a parody

But I ain't tellin jokes...apparently

Apparent, yeah my daughter be the twinkle of my eye

You hurt her, you kill me and nigga I ain't bout to die

See y'all are at ground, and my daughter is my sky

I swear I look in her face and I just want to break out and fly

Four tears in my face and you ain't never heard me cry

I'm richer than all y'all, I got a bank full of pride


Ow, started out hustlin, ended up ballin

Nigga I'm the shit, get the fuck up out my toilet