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Lil Wayne – Shoot Me Down testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

Shoot Me Down - Lil Wayne

parole da studiare

(feat. D. Smith)

Page 1. Chapter 1. Verse mother fucking 1.


Uh huh,

Im Drinkin hot tea bitch.

Feel me, now if you let me you wont regret me,

Shit if you let me you wont forget me.

Remember? And if you don't hang on.. *bang bang* theres a reminda.

I aint kinda hot im sauna, I sweat money and the bank is my showa,

And that pistol is my towel, so stop sweatin me coward.

And I would die for hours, ride for hours, supplied flowers.

This is history in the makin, now shut the fuck up and let me make it.


Please dont shut me down, cuz im flyin, im flyin, Im higerrrr

Please dont shut me down, im flyin, im higherr.

I swear this tea is everywhere but tempture right now.