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Lil Wayne – Whip It testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

Whip It - Lil Wayne

parole da studiare

[Verse 1:]

Ok, you ain't know shit

It's weezy f baby like a newborn bitch

You ain't know shit

I put your girl to work now heres a uniform bitch

Pimpin over here

And I ain't santa clause but

Yeah I make it rain dear

Money out the ass

Yeah money out the rear.

Weezy at the plate

I could bunt it out of here

Safe as a mother fucker

Ain't no safety button on this mother fucker

Where the safe mother fucker?

That's the case

Doc the judge

Weezy F. the ample fury

Hang 12 witnesses

That's what I call a hung jury

Brung Jerry Bling Bling

I made that but I don't even say that

As much as judges say that

That's way back

Boy you should catch up

It must of been mine, theys

Long hair pretty eyes light skin fine legs,

Phat ass, skinny stomach, pretty feet, pretty woman

Walking down the street cause I put her out my jeep,

I don't save em, I slave em, they want weezy f,

I bad grade em, I don't degrade em, I serenade em,

100 on the chest

100 on the arm

Rings so thick I can't even make a fist

Nigga fuck how you do it cause I do it like this

Yeah, and I just do my wayne

And every time I do it I do my thang,


I do it how I do it an I do it everyday

Iwhip it like a slave likea muthafuckin slave

I beat that block

[Verse 2:]

Qunta quinte on my shit nigga