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Lil Wayne – Playing With Fire testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

Playing With Fire - Lil Wayne

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(feat. Betty Wright)


So youve got so ma-ny daimonds,

You wear all the finest clothes,

And your grill is shinin,

As you're driving down the streets of gold,

But you can't, blame, me if i set this stage on fire

[Verse 1]

Mama always told me i was crazy,

My hoes say im amazing,

But i dont listen to a lady,

But the bitch say im hot,

And i say no bitch im blazin, like what the fuck do you expect, im muthafuckin cajun

I feel caged in my mind, its like my flow doin time, i goes crazy inside, but when it comes

Out its fine, like wine, wait, watch, see i get better in time like a watch osh-be-gosh-posh

Wife's husband cookin kick it like i kick it bitch i kicks it. no cereal like a land and i

Sticks it.whatever she asks me, after she licks it. thats too explicit, well why you

Listenin, (sniff) i smell smoke, is somethin sizzlin? thats a pussy, so hey pussy play with