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Pronuncia di character in Inglese

  • carattere
  • personaggio
  • natura
  • caratteristica
  • indole
  • ruolo
  • reputazione
  • peculiarità
  • animo
  • grafia
  • tipo strano
  • benservito
  • individuo eccentrico

Esempi da film

She is a one of the greatest and most complex character ever written.
You've Got Mail - Very First Zinger
- When you was the character. - Yeah, yeah, I mean as Jack, definitely.
Tropic Thunder - Never Go Full Retard
He's kind of a local character, you know, big talker, lot of tall tales...
Fool's Gold - Hey Babe!
My dad says that economy class builds character.
Bad Words - Autofellatio
Oh, Uncle Arthur. You're my favorite character.
Bewitched - Uncle Arthur