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Pronuncia di downstairs in Inglese

  • piano di sotto
  • piano di sotto
  • sotto
  • al piano inferiore
  • giù
  • giù dalle scale
  • disotto

Esempi da film

- I'd like to hear it from you. - I was downstairs playing.
The Good Son - Over the Edge
That's nice. Come downstairs. I have a surprise for you.
The Iron Giant - Giant Problems
The food court is downstairs, the cookie stand is upstairs.
Mallrats - Superman's Baby
Eateries that operate within the designated square downstairs
Mallrats - Superman's Baby
- Trey... - I'm gonna go downstairs.
Krisha - Catch Up
It's odd. He seems like he's working on something downstairs.
Life, Animated - Protector of the Sidekicks
You take the roof bar. I'll take downstairs.
The Nice Guys - Cold Coffee
I'm going downstairs and sleep on the fat couch,
Mr. Mom - My Brain Is Like Oatmeal