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Pronuncia di scary in Inglese

  • terrificato

Esempi dai film con Scary

He was kind of scary-looking, but he wasn't really all bad.
The Seven Year Itch - A Delicious Breeze
There you go, Mr. Scary Killer. I'm panicking now.
Scary Movie - Wanna Play Pyscho Killer?
I'm a gross, scary severed head. Come on. Please.
Scary Movie - Wanna Play Pyscho Killer?
Well, I know what you're asking me. Can I be scary?
Beetlejuice - We're Simpatico
- Oh, just some scary movie. - Do you like scary movies?
Scream - Do You Like Scary Movies?
- Uh - Huh. - What's your favourite scary movie?
Scream - Do You Like Scary Movies?
Freddy, that's right. I liked that movie. It was scary.
Scream - Do You Like Scary Movies?
I wanted to say something to you earlier, but you look scary.
Rudderless - You're Quite Drunk
Hey, it's scary. Leave her alone.
How I Live Now - Boom
things have gone from embarrassing to scary, so...
Smashed - Kate's AA Speech
No, Ruth, you're... You're a scary dog. Just be meaner.
The Star - Animal Impersonations

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Pronuncia americana

Scary pronunciato da Ivy (bambino, ragazza)
Scary pronunciato da Joanna (donna)
Scary pronunciato da Kendra (donna)
Scary pronunciato da Kimberly (donna)
Scary pronunciato da Salli (donna)
Scary pronunciato da Joey (uomo)
Scary pronunciato da Justin (bambino, ragazzo)
Scary pronunciato da Matthew (uomo)

Pronuncia britannica

Scary pronunciato da Amy (donna)
Scary pronunciato da Emma (donna)
Scary pronunciato da Brian (uomo)