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Pronuncia di stands in Inglese

  • stand
  • posizione
  • bancarella
  • banco
  • pausa
  • posto
  • posteggio
  • tribuna
  • chiosco
  • difesa
  • stelo
  • padiglione
  • fermata
  • palco
  • podio
  • arresto
  • opinione
  • stare
  • stare in piedi
  • sopportare
  • resistere
  • restare
  • sostenere
  • reggere
  • fermarsi
  • trovarsi
  • durare
  • appoggiare
  • mettere
  • tollerare
  • collocare
  • porre
  • erigere
  • ristagnare
  • restare ritto
  • depositarsi
  • sostenere le spese di

Esempi da film

Now while he stands tough Notice this man did not have his hands up
8 Mile - Rabbit Battles Papa Doc
But as it stands, the way you behave,
Wanted - Wesley's Breakdown
What is the one thing that stands out in your mind about Roman World?
Westworld - Delos Commercial
A man ... A man stands alone at the plate.
The Untouchables - Batter Up
Sunny day, the stands are full of fans. What does he have to say?
The Untouchables - Batter Up
I've never seen a game from the stands.
Rudy - Fortune's Truth
Next week we're opening a brand-New nationwide chain of burger stands.
Pootie Tang - Pootie's Bad Time Burgers
He stands like a statue Becomes part of the machine
Rocketman - Pinball Wizard