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Miracle of Sound – The Call Of Duty Circus! tekst i tłumaczenie (po kliknięciu) piosenki

The Call Of Duty Circus! - Miracle of Sound

słowa do nauczenia się

Roll up!

It's the Call Of Duty Circus and it's coming to your town

We've diving flying acrobats and such capricious clowns!

So hook up to a server, grab a seat and gather round

Cause the Call Of Duty circus

Is coming to your town!

Roll up and see the amazing moving statue

Sneak attack!

He waits in corners 'till you pass then shoots you in the back

He never moves or learns to shoot so he will always blow

For all he cares about in life's his kill death ratio

Roll up and see the terrifying ripper with his blade

His magic knife will end your life, of one hit kills it's made

He'll lunge right through your bullets and he'll stab you in the toe