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Dodawaj słowa i zwroty, by uczyć się ich i ćwiczyć z innymi uczniami.


Angielska wymowa słowa starting

  • startowy
  • rozruch
  • startujący

Przykłady z filmów

All right, Mr. Cali is starting his lockdown.
The Purge - Time for Lockdown
Do you know, I'm starting to feel a little better about this whole thing.
Margin Call - It's Just Money
- And then? - You're really starting to piss me off, lady.
Dude, Where's My Car? - And Theeennn...
Starting today, you will play like winners, act like winners,
Coach Carter - First Practice
I think I'm starting to figure it out.
Crank - Some Pills
You're talking about jump-starting a planet.
The Core - The Earth Will Be Cooked
I'm starting to taste metal, and I have a sebaceous cyst
My Man Is a Loser - The Fix
I'm starting to think you're full of shit.
Middle Men - A Part of Ourselves
I'm starting to think that maybe we need to take a break.
Bad Teacher - You Never Loved Me
I'm starting to like this girl.
Summer Catch - Lawn Girl
That's okay. I'm out of the starting rotation.
Summer Catch - Lawn Girl
Now you're starting to embarrass me, but I do appreciate the compliment.
Daddy's Home - Cinnabons & Tumor
You're starting to sound like a little faggot there, Dale.
Horrible Bosses - Julia You Needed To See Me
You know, the real scandal is how young they're starting you guttersnipes now.
What a Girl Wants - I'm Your Daughter
The "me" that's at home in my study starting to smell a little funny.
ParaNorman - The Haunted Bathroom Stall
Megan and I are starting to watch the same TV shows,
Mr. Mom - My Brain Is Like Oatmeal