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Como se pronúncia asshole

  • idiota
  • imbecil
  • babaca

Exemplos de filmes

Shit! That'll put another asshole in a elephant right there, boys.
The Last Stand - She Has a Little Kick
- You're an asshole, Annie! - Oh, my God. What are you doing?
Bridesmaids - Pity Party
You're an asshole. I'm life. ls life bothering you?
Bridesmaids - Pity Party
so Sabrina can see your asshole.
American Psycho - Sussudio
An asshole, coming to my fucking house. You piece of shit!
The Fighter - Making Things Right
You don't want an asshole where your face used to be, Whaling Jennings.
Superbad - Pussies on the Pavement
Becoming marginally famous has really turned you into an asshole.
Funny People - Marginally Famous A**hole
...because I don't know what kind of asshole acts like an asshole...
My Best Friend's Girl - A Dissatisfied Customer
...and then when it actually comes time to be an asshole, walks away.
My Best Friend's Girl - A Dissatisfied Customer
...for offering some big-ass asshole asshole-sex in the first place.
My Best Friend's Girl - A Dissatisfied Customer
And she's better off with no father than a lying asshole like you!
The Last Kiss - Lying About Cheating
- Asshole. - You want to say that to my face?
The Weather Man - Waiting In Line
and some fucking asshole here has pulled our funding.
Beyond Borders - Cruel Joke