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Como se pronúncia phone

  • fone
  • auscultador
  • fonema
  • telefonar

Exemplos de filmes com Phone

Basically, we have a phone number that we need to get an address from,
Date Night - You Two Make Sex With Us?
I didn't answer the phone the other night.
127 Hours - Radio Show Breakdown
when the bellhop told me I had a phone call.
Capote - Charming the Deweys
You watch it. And as soon as it's over, your phone rings
Scary Movie 3 - Faking It
I was putting your phone on silent for the movie.
Trainwreck - You Always Do This to Me
And when I did that, I noticed you have all these guys in your phone.
Trainwreck - You Always Do This to Me
Because as I was turning off your phone, I got a picture of somebody's dick.
Trainwreck - You Always Do This to Me
you've gotta talk into the phone, bozo.
Twins - Not Identical Twins
Fine. You want to lose her forever, you hang up the phone right now.
Good Luck Chuck - The Best Night of Your Life
Oh, yeah, sure, he just got off the cell phone with me.
Elf - Buddy Meets His Dad
What's that? A ghetto cell phone?
Kick-Ass 2 - The Sick Stick
Macias, get me Captain Oveur's wife on the phone.
Airplane! - I Speak Jive
Just got off the phone with the vet. Fucking tumor on her liver.
Margin Call - Your Opportunity
- Have you seen the new book on Cezanne? - Er, no. May I use the phone?
Six Degrees of Separation - I Was Mugged
Can you show me pictures of your black friends on your phone?
Trainwreck - Sports? I Love Them
You... You want to see pictures on my phone of my black friends?
Trainwreck - Sports? I Love Them
Let me find another one. Oh. My phone died.
Trainwreck - Sports? I Love Them
who can get to work on time and answer the phone.
Secretary - There's Something About You
You told Brandt on the phone. He told me.
The Big Lebowski - I'm the Dude
You told Brandt on the phone. He told me.
The Big Lebowski - I'm the Dude
She gives me her number. Now... she won't return my phone calls.
Hitch - Professional Help
Very good, Mr Gordon. May I use your phone, please?
The Silence of the Lambs - Buffalo Bill
Talk to him two, three times a week on the phone for 30 years now.
I Love You, Man - A Girlfriend Guy
That teacher you talked to on the phone, about coming in, having a tour.
Fever Pitch - Ben Meets Lindsey
- There they are. - Ben Wrightman. We talked on the phone.
Fever Pitch - Ben Meets Lindsey

Pronúncia de áudio de Phone

Pronúncia americana

Phone pronunciado por Ivy (criança, garota)
Phone pronunciado por Joanna (feminino)
Phone pronunciado por Kendra (feminino)
Phone pronunciado por Kimberly (feminino)
Phone pronunciado por Salli (feminino)
Phone pronunciado por Joey (masculino)
Phone pronunciado por Justin (criança, garoto)
Phone pronunciado por Matthew (masculino)

Pronúncia britânica

Phone pronunciado por Amy (feminino)
Phone pronunciado por Emma (feminino)
Phone pronunciado por Brian (masculino)