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Como se pronúncia talent

  • talento
  • dom
  • alcance
  • capacidade excepcional
  • faculdade invulgar
  • grande inteligência

Exemplos de filmes

No, but I think I have some of the same raw natural talent, don't you?
Fantastic Mr. Fox - Whack-Bat
"He's got the look, but does he have the talent? Can he act?"
Be Cool - The Raised Eyebrow Look
I did the whistling-belly button trick at the high school talent show.
Groundhog Day - Ned Ryerson!
And nobody's taking credit for your talent, but we nourished it.
Ray - A Better Deal
discovered a talent that I didn't know I had.
The Lovely Bones - Last Wednesday
Your music comes from your talent, not from your behavior.
De-Lovely - Spoiled Behavior
It's all the same thing. I can't put my talent here and my behavior here...
De-Lovely - Spoiled Behavior
We need to take all this psychotic energy and talent
Bandslam - Putting the Band Together
Everybody said that you, you have a... a talent, you have a future.
Everybody's Fine - I'm Not a Conductor
Once acquired, it's a talent that will serve you for life.
Venus - Not Yodeling, Modeling
who may be interested in you for reasons other than your talent.
The English Teacher - About Jason
Men don't have the talent and he can't afford a servant to do so.
Mr. Holmes - A Man Comes to Baker Street