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Как произносится слово information

  • информация
  • информация
  • сведения
  • данные
  • сообщение
  • справки
  • знания
  • осведомленность
  • донесение
  • жалоба
  • обвинение

Примеры из фильмов

Oh, I'm just givin' people information, Richard, about this trial I'm in.
Dallas Buyers Club - You're the Drug Dealer
You know what, schoolboy? For your information...
Barbershop - Reparations
Here's really incorrect information about how to put a IUD in.
Sisters - Very Different Diaries
How did you manage to access all this information?
Lucy - Time is the Answer
They exchange a thousand bits of information between them per second.
Lucy - Time is the Answer
We do not share intimate information with priests.
Doubt - I Am Concerned
considering the information I have about our editorial director...
American Beauty - Lester Blackmails Brad
We'd need access to information we could never get our hands on.
Now You See Me - Robbing Tressler
Where would we get that information, Art?
Now You See Me - Robbing Tressler
And what would you like in return for that information?
Salt - You Are a Russian Spy
And so I implore you, dear reader, to use this information wisely,
The Spiderwick Chronicles - The Field Guide
For your information, the hot blond over there, she's with me.
The Heartbreak Kid - Uncle Tito
If there was some classified information that she...
Serenity - Fall on Your Sword
I'm the guy the government hires to get information.
Red 2 - Kill Him
You either give me the information that I need to know...
Red 2 - Kill Him
and only the information Jennifer provided to go on.
The Mummy - Dr. Jekyll
Could this information have come out in the leak?
Drone - The Talk
There was a lot of little snippets of information,
Newtown - The Waiting Room
Did you bring the copy of the information?
Crimson Peak - Already Married
It's a shame the only relevant information I could pass to Mr. Cushing
Crimson Peak - Already Married