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Как произносится слово streets


Примеры из фильмов c Streets

I mean, the guy's walking the streets. I'm kissing him.
There's Something About Mary - Hair Gel
- All you need is love - Or she'll end up on the streets.
Moulin Rouge! - Silly Love Songs
Release the beast and Purge in our American streets.
The Purge - Time for Lockdown
and there are going to be new safety vans patrolling our streets.
Fido - Dead or Alive?
To buildings and parks and streets and children
Mission: Impossible 3 - The Anti-God
that one of our people is out there on the streets...
Vice - Stick to the Story
you're not the first woman who walks the streets for a living...
Arthur - I Don't Date Boys Who Have Nannies
I dream that flowers will bloom in the streets of Kabul again,
The Kite Runner - Hassan's Letter
I'm just two streets away. Can we do this again?
A United Kingdom - I Am His Heir

Аудио произношение Streets

Американское произношение

Streets произнесенно Ivy (Ребёнок, девочка)
Streets произнесенно Joanna (девушка)
Streets произнесенно Kendra (девушка)
Streets произнесенно Kimberly (девушка)
Streets произнесенно Salli (девушка)
Streets произнесенно Joey (мужчина)
Streets произнесенно Justin (Ребёнок, мальчик)
Streets произнесенно Matthew (мужчина)

Британское произношение

Streets произнесенно Amy (девушка)
Streets произнесенно Emma (девушка)
Streets произнесенно Brian (мужчина)