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How to pronounce honest in English


Examples from movies

You can't even be honest about being dishonest.
Charade - Whatever Your Name Is
I mean, I'll say this for him. He's honest.
She's Out of My League - Honesty
You want me to be honest with you, Les?
Argo - A Fake Movie
I'm gonna be honest with you, Rod.
Hot Rod - Trippin' Balls
I cannot help you unless you are honest with me.
A Most Wanted Man - Annabel Richter
- You're asking for a hiding, son. - No, I'm not, honest.
Billy Elliot - Not for Lads
It's more for me pride, really, to be honest.
Legend - Bar Beatdown
To be honest, I'm just happy you got him to join in the game.
Finding Neverland - Wild West Showdown
Well, I'll be honest, that's a little insulting, man.
The Green Hornet - The Hornet Gun
But you weren't honest with me about your past. Come on, you know it.
Think Like a Man Too - Marry Me
Honest to God, Joy, I don't know how to fix this.
Ted 2 - Trix Are for Kids
I think it actually bothers him more than me, to be honest.
Charlie Bartlett - First Kiss
I guess if I was really honest, I liked all the attention.
A Dog's Purpose - My Best Life
How "we" doing. Not so hot, I gotta be honest.
Inside Llewyn Davis - Meets With Mel
Be honest with me. We're in the sewer.
I Spy - We're Twins
but because you were honest with me,
Good Boys - Stealing Beer